Thursday, March 25, 2004

More Copy Editing Convention Business

To anyone I didn't speak with at the Houston shindig, I apologize. On the first day (Thursday the 18th), I was operating on slightly more than an hour of sleep. On the second day I had it pretty much together, but by day three (Saturday the 20th) I was packing up to leave. I flew out that evening.

The result of all this: I spoke to fewer people than I hoped. Some disappeared before I could reach them. Others frightened me. I also didn't plug this blog nearly as much as I planned -- I figured it would look tacky.


I learned a lot, and I hope to share some tidbits as this blog (as featured at Poynter) continues. I'm glad to have talked with those of you I did. Drop by Copy Massage now and then, if you would. Leave insulting comments for all to see.