Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Top Keywords

I've shared a lot of information with Copy Massage readers about those who, like them, visit this site. I've posted several times about the top search phrases that lead people here. Recently, I posted about readers' countries of origin.

But let's break it down further. How about the individual words that draw browsers? My trusty tracking device has kept a list since this blog's beginning. Here are the top 10, along with the number of times they've been used in searches.

massage (1915 times)
copy (326)
quotes (252)
gay (217)
efforting (187)
icons (149)
stories (130)
the (107)
blog (102)
tampa (88)

I don't know what that says, really, other than a lot of people like massages. Perhaps if I limited the vocabulary in my posts to these words alone, a lot more people would visit.